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Projects Completed

  • Purchased a generator to run the treatment plant during power outages. 2020
  • Completed radio telemetry on existing tanks and pump. 2020
  • New flooring installed in the office.2019
  • Purchased a used work truck. 2019
  • Installed aeration (pump and blower) at the Yuba tank to remove THMs. 2015
  • Sand blasted and re-coated the interior of the 250,000 gal tank at Knob. 2015
  • Updated SCADA PC / New PC and Software2014
  • Upgrade to Treatment Plant High Service Pumps capable of at least 1,000 gpm. 2014
  • New roof on Treatment Plant. Estimated cost $10,000.2014
  • Reconfigured flow from Membrane and Media Filter to new Surge Tank. This will allow more production.2013
  • New Truck (used) around $20,000 to be put on 2013 Budget (Equipment Fund). 2013
  • Electrical work at the Treatment Plant includes cleaning up some old circuits and panels as well as cleaning up and labeling the new wiring. 2012
  • Clinton Tank interior and exterior reconditioned. 2012
  • Recirculator for Clarifier: Mixer motor. Up and running May 30, 2012
  • Updated emergency notification and emergency response plans.2012
  • Reserve account set up for special projects. July 11, 2012

Projected Projects

  • Radio read meters. Estimated cost $200,00 Coming in 2020
  • Continue to recondition all distribution tanks including clearwell and clarifiers at treatment plant.
  • Storm wall at Treatment Plant to protect Plant during high lake levels. Estimated cost $30,000.
  • Remodel Lab. Estimated cost 50,000
  • Second Membrane Filter. $500,000
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